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10 stories, 40 paper models of buildings and houses to print and have fun assembling and coloring.

  • Develop artistic and manual skills with this architectural wall gallery project featuring historical paper models. Designed for ages 9 and up.
  • This activity book is an ideal way to boost self-confidence through the creation of a captivating 3D wall gallery to be displayed in the classroom or bedroom.

Inside this book, you'll find 40 traditional houses and buildings from various countries such as France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Canada, the UK, Scotland, the USA, and more. They come in pairs so that when you assemble them, they create a realistic street-like effect, immersing you in that place.

  • Children and teens will take pride in their gallery, becoming enthusiastic about sharing stories with friends and family who will undoubtedly be impressed and curious about their achievement.
  • The book also includes a template for making paper shelves, allowing them to exhibit their paper models without harming your walls—these shelves securely adhere with sticky putty.
  • With this project of creating a wall gallery, you'll help them become acquainted with architecture, history, and geography while enhancing their manual skills as they cut and paste the models with increasing precision.

Get ready to see jaws drop as their friends and family admire their work! After all, who else has an art gallery exhibition to show...

So what can they DO with these?...

  • Firstly, they can transform their environment's appearance by incorporating these models into the decor, proudly displaying their creative efforts.
  • They get to find out tales and legends that lead to an understanding of the cultures that shaped the architecture of these setting which they color and assemble.
  • They can use the meticulously crafted houses as scenic backdrops for photos or imaginative story settings.
  • They can cleverly integrate these models into miniature model railway train sets, as these are perfectly fitting the HO scale.
  • And who knows, these models might just spark dreams about and planning for future trips to these fascinating countries.
  • This is also a great friends, family and classroom activity!

So, this is an invitation to immerse yourself in the artistry of paper modeling and embark on a thrilling visual journey through time. "Unfolding History," is about waking up somewhere new every morning!
Let creativity and imagination run wild with dreams and future travel projects to these places...Get it now!

Unfolding History

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Price drop just in!

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