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Experience the essence of Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the form of miniature paper models.

This book provides you with the opportunity to cut out, paste, and assemble paper models of Montreal, Quebec, more specifically the area of Le Plateau, which is characterized by its bold colors houses and vibrant wall art. Additionally, with your own palette of colors, you can personalize and bring to life the city's streets in your unique way by coloring some 8 paper models your own way...

Quebec province countryside shows wooden barns and family houses known as  "Canadienne" and we included both herein. 

We hope that through this book, you will learn more about this unique city and perhaps be inspired to visit. Montreal has a distinct French twist to it, which sets it apart from the predominantly English language and culture of the rest of the continent. Of course, we suggest you visit during the summertime unless you enjoy being surrounded by snow....

As you assemble the models, we hope you take pride and joy in your creations and even exhibit them around.

Look for our paper shelves in a separate book. They are made for these paper models and stick to the wall with sticky Putty! So you don't drill holes in your walls.

Paper models + coloring pages: Streets of Montreal, Le Plateau

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