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Here are 26 paper models, each standing between 15 and 25 cm tall, with a remarkable level of realism but in black and white and grayscale, for you to color with your own interpretation. These models vividly depict several regions, including:

  • Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Our model captures the historic charm of Old Montreal's stone buildings by the harbor, adorned with the typical wall art that characterizes this city.
  • Le Plateau, a trendy and popular area in Montreal that features colorful buildings as well as a vast collection of wall art and graffiti, reflecting Montreal's reputation as the hub of wall art.
  • Old Quebec: Our model captures the French influence of this 16th-century town, where Samuel de Champlain landed from France via the St. Lawrence River.The French aesthetic of this ancient town is unmistakable.
  • Maple syrup is a hallmark of Quebec, Canada, and Sugar Shacks are where the sap is boiled to create syrup. Take note of the enormous chimney.
  • Wooden Barns: We also included a model of a traditional wooden barn, which is a common sight in the Quebec countryside.
  • For a more vibrant and visually appealing representation of your models, you can refer to the Full Color Paper Model book available on our website. This book features photographic realism with stunning color illustrations that can provide inspiration for coloring your own models. You can freely browse the colored models on our website at no additional cost, or you have the option to purchase and download the entire book for a comprehensive collection of high-quality color references. The front cover of the book is a good representation of the colorful illustrations found inside, offering a valuable resource for enhancing the visual appeal of your models.

Paper Model Coloring Book of Canada : Quebec and Montreal, 1:87 HO DOWNLOAD

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