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  • 14 paper houses and buildings to mount and display: for your train set, for decorating, for learning about culture, or for creating story backdrops.You can craft your very own mini town inspired by the East Coast of the USA. Picture cute little shops, unique buildings, and charming houses, all capturing the vibe of that world, complete with funky wall art, catchy ads, and unique architecture. Just gazing at this enchanting scene can whisk you away to that place.



  •  In this often serious world, these darling miniature streets have something unserious and fairy-like, and in their subtle way, they do uplift your spirits by reminding you softly about places you've been or dream of visiting someday. It's like they've got this 'otherworldly' charm that soothes you, especially when life gets a bit too dull or rough.



  • You'll grow fond of them, just like you would with a favorite park, a cozy café, an art gallery, or any place that gives you a sense of comfort. They offer a welcoming and non-intimidating space, taking your mind to the imaginative world of the better tomorrows you're looking forward to.

The models are HO scale but can be resized smaller or bigger as they are in high resolution.
As this is a download, you can reprint as many as you want.

Have fun! Get it today!

Paper Models Book 1:87 (HO): New-Jersey, New-York, and North-East USA DOWNLOAD

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