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In this book of photo realistic paper models, we have compiled a collection of 90 European building models, which were assembled using photos taken by us during our tour of Europe in a small van. These models are easy to assemble, except for two challenging ones: the Eiffel Tower and a windmill from the Netherlands.

These models were initially designed for kids, but people aged 10 to 75 can enjoy assembling them as well. They serve as great decorative items and provide a glimpse into the grand tour of Europe for those who cannot visit at the moment or want to relive their memories of past trips.

These models hold cultural significance as they document the rich architectural heritage of Europe, representing various places such as Vienna, Venice, Toulouse in France, Tyrol in Austria, Paris, Honfleur in Normandy, Nice on the Riviera, Brussels in Belgium, Colmar in Alsace, Sainte Marie de la Mer in Camargue, Saanze Schans in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark, Dragor in Denmark, Hérisson in the Central Mountains of France, a Spanish house, and some iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, a castle of La Loire, a train station somewhere in France, and a lighthouse from Nice.


Paper Models Book: All over Europe, Collection of 90 buildings 2020:

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