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We have a collection of 16 paper models that showcase the diverse styles of architecture found throughout France. Each region has its own unique way of building houses, making touring France an exciting experience that can never get boring.

This collection features small towns from the east to the west and the north to the south of France. The models are easy to assemble, and each one highlights the distinctive characteristics of its respective region. Just like the endless variety of wines and cheeses found in France, there are countless types of architecture to discover and appreciate.

They were initially intended for kids to assemble, as they are very easy to cut and paste, and kids of age 10 to 75 definitely have great fun doing so! They are very decorative and give you an overview of a grand tour of France for those who can't go just now or want to share the feeling of touring France with others, or remember some distant trip etc.

They are cultural because they do document the architectural heritage of Europe and this is indeed what you see when you go there. The scope includes the following : Honfleur in Normandy, Nice on the Riviera, Colmar in Alsace, Sainte Marie de la Mer in Camargue, Hérisson in the Central mountains of France.

Paper Models Book: Streets of Honfleur, Nice, Camargue, Colmar, etc.... DOWNLOAD

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