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Experience the vibrant and dynamic city of Copenhagen in Denmark as well as the charmful village of Zaanse Schans in the Nederlands right from the comfort of your own home with this stunning paper model book.


Featuring 11 iconic Copenhagen buildings, and 5 typical fisherman houses from 18th century in Holland, this paper model book is the perfect way to explore architecture. It's perfect for sharing with children and grandchildren, encouraging storytelling and conversation, and for teachers looking for creative ways to engage their students in geography, art, and manual projects.

Step into the charming and picturesque world of Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands. Each model captures the unique and timeless beauty of the Dutch countryside, allowing you to create your very own miniaturized version of this beloved fisherman village of 300 years back. You will model a windmill that is still in use today, and the scenery you will create will compare to the postcards that are found in Zaanse Schans souvenir shops.

The detailed and realistic photographic renditions of each building provide an authentic and immersive experience.

Whether you're an art lover, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful design, these paper models are sure to captivate your imagination.

The paper models are easy to assemble with glue, making it a great project for families, classrooms, and art classes.

This creative and educational paper crafting game stimulates the imagination and encourages narration, discussion, and remembrance. It's perfect for storytelling and for those who want to discover more about the unique and timeless beauty of Europe architecture.

So, why not explore the intricate details of Dutch architecture, experience the charm of Copenhagen life, and create your very own miniaturized version of these beloved tourist destinations. Start your adventure now with this stunning paper model book!

Paper models with photographic rendition for a miniature replicate of the real thing.

  • Buy it now and get ready to admire architecture from Copenhagen, rural Denmark, and the Nederland as if you were there!

Paper Models Book: Streets of Copenhagen, Denmark and Zaanse Schans, DOWNLOAD

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