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Create an authentic Southern European scene with our easy-to-assemble HO Buildings Paper Models! 

This collection of 25 HO Buildings Paper Models includes a variety of detailed and realistic buildings that are typical of Southern Europe. From houses to traditional buildings and shops, our models will give a touch of European charm to your display, at a fraction of the cost of the plastic models. Get your friends and family involved in assembling it all while having great fun. All you need is scissors, glue stick , a ruler and an empty pen (to help make nice folds).


What's in the book?...25 PAPER MODELS of buildings and houses: easy to mount featuring NICE, TOULOUSE, CAMARGUE, VENICE and CENTRAL FRANCE MOUNTAINS:

  • 5 COLORFUL FRENCH RIVIERA typical houses of Nice in South of France.

  • 10 buildings from TOULOUSE: nicknamed The Pink City because the buildings are uniformly pinkish, ochre and reddish.

  • 2 houses from LA CAMARGUE:that wild part of France known for it's white horses, wild bulls and Pink Flamingoes.

  • 3 buildings from VENICE, Italy: and a gondola is there too.

  • 5 houses from the CENTRAL MOUNTAINS of France: characterized by thick stone walls and from the XVth century. As well as abandoned ruins.


You are going for a massive display of 25 genuine buildings, houses and cottages that will definitely transform your train set scenery, or your bedroom shelve. If you are looking for decors that are 100% different, and art pieces all to themselves, these are it!


This activity is suitable for all ages, from children to seniors, and is a great way to bond with family members, particularly children and grandchildren. It offers a great opportunity for storytelling, sharing memories, and sparking conversations.


Explore the world from the comfort of your own home with realistic miniature paper models. The photographic accuracy creates details that plastic models cannot replicate. These models are based on our photographs of various structures such as shops, buildings and houses, including local advertisements and lost and found notices, capturing the authentic elements present in real life.


This product is perfect for educators teaching subjects such as Geography, Art, and hands-on projects. The photographic representation creates a small replica of the real thing, sparking interest and investigation in both students and adults. Additionally, it can be a fun group activity - gather a class and assemble the entire book in a single afternoon. It is easy to complete, simply cut along the lines and assemble the buildings with a glue stick.


A creative and educative paper crafting game for kids and family.

  • Buy it now and get ready to admire Central Europe architecture as if you were there!


Paper Models Book: Southern Europe 1:87 (HO): Venice, Nice, Toulouse... DOWNLOAD

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