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Engaging in the activity of coloring and learning about your favorite indoor plants can be a rewarding and entertaining experience, as well as an effective way to learn. While coloring, your mind has the opportunity to assimilate the plant's name and care instructions while you whimsically choose colors to decorate the page.

This coloring book not only teaches you to become a better colorist by providing grayscale images with shadows, volumes, and highlights to follow, but it also includes colored images that serve as models or inspiration.

In addition, this book serves as a plant care guide and provides information on how to care for various houseplants, such as Orchids, Begonias, Calla-Lily, Hibiscus, Calatheas, Zebra plant, Passion Flower, Ginger plant, Crotons, Colocasias, Guava trees, Caladiums, Azaleas, Banana trees, and African violets. Furthermore, the book also highlights which plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

Approaching learning creatively can make it an enjoyable experience, and with this coloring book, you can cultivate two passions simultaneously!

Foliacolor: Indoor Plants: Learn to care for them as you color them. DOWNLOAD

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